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      Here is a calendar and index of IS posts, for those who jolietta online casino wish to tackle the novel in the summers to come.
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      Back in April, when I set out to recruit three more Guides, I decided to start with the folks I thought would be best suited for the role and then move down the list as I accumulated rejections (of which I expected plenty). Instead, to my great fortune, the first three people I asked accepted. […]
    • Summer’s End Roundtable, Part IV
      This is the last of a four-part roundtable discussion with the Infinite Summer Guides. Infinite Summer: Did Infinite Jest change your life? Avery Edison: It’s definitely got me reading books again, which is marvelous. I hadn’t realized how much the internet had affected my ability to just sit down and read a book, and — […]
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On Endnotes

Given our conversation about the role of endnotes, I thought you might like a taste of that same conversation from Infinite Summer.  You can find the entire call and response here, and below is a small taste of Matt Baldwin’s take, which sets the tone for the rest:

I have gone back and forth on the issue about two dozen times in the last month, and right now I’m learning away from “essential literary device” and toward “gratuitous pain in the ass”. Plus I just don’t buy any of the rationales I’ve heard for them: that they simulate the game of tennis, that they simulate the fractured way we’d be receiving information in Wallace’s imagined future, that they are there to constantly remind you that you are reading a book, etc. I’d be more inclined to believe these theories Infinite Jest was the only thing Wallace had written that included them. But the more you read his other works, the more it becomes obvious that Wallace couldn’t even sign a credit card slip without bolting on an addendum. The dude loved endnotes–I’m pretty sure that’s the only real reason they are there.


Infinite Summer et Toi

Just a quick heads up:  we’ve been very generously given a brief shout-out from the good people at infinite summer.  You can see the link here.  No pressure or anything.  Just say smart things.  🙂